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Therapy Services

A New Level of Healthcare and Rehabilitation

 Physical Therapy

Restoring function to patients who have experienced a variety of problems including orthopedic injuries, neurological disorders, and amputation.
  Physical therapy focuses on dysfunctions of the head, neck, spine, and extremities.


Occupational Therapy

Specialized services for patients who have experienced an orthopaedic injury or neurological disorder.  Occupational therapy primarily focuses on dysfunctions of the upper extremities and restoring independence with activities of daily living.


Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

An in-depth evaluation of an individual’s physical capacities and functional abilities.  The FCE matches human performance levels to the demands of a specific job or occupation.  It is useful in determining job placement or accommodation for return to work after an injury/illness.



Ergonomic Evaluations

An onsite visit to conduct workplace analysis.  Therapist evaluate workstation ergonomics to provide a more ergonomically correct workstation, reducing the risk of injury.


Personal Training

Physical activity is proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve the quality of life.  Helping clients reach their total health and fitness goals is our specialty. Our trainer specializes in obesity and has developed a highly effective one-on-one approach to yield maximum results.

Work Hardening

A program designed for patients recovering from an injury or illness, preparing them for a safe return to work.  Therapists work with the patient to rebuild job skills, increase material handling abilities, and recommend ways to reduce the risk for re-injury.  Patients attending the work hardening program have usually finished traditional therapy and are ready for a more intense program.


Hand Therapy

Specialized care to restore maximum function to the injured hand.  Hand therapists specialize in post-traumatic care, arthritis, and repetitive motion injuries.


Vestibular Rehabilitation (VR)

Vestibular system problems can cause dizziness and affect a patient’s ability to maintain posture and coordinate balance.  VR evaluates and treats the problem of the vestibular system and corrects related dysfunctions.


Sports Medicine

This clinic is equipped to treat patients with all types of injuries related to athletics.  Rehab programs are customized for novice to professional athletes.

Certified Golf Fitness Instructors

We are affiliated with the Titleist Performance Institute. An evaluation is performed and a customized program will be developed for you to follow on the www.mytpi.com website. Packages are also available to complete your program under our professional care.